Starter Guide

Congratulations, you are about to embrace the Brite future of payments!

Brite Starter Guide consists of a set of guidelines to integrate Brite’s services and provide the highest impact on your business right from the start.

Brite Starter Pack is composed of
three main sections:

Step 1

Your first step into the future: update your website with Brite info.

Set up your Brite partnership for success by adding the following elements to your website:

A. Payment Badge

You should use the payment badge on your website when presenting or describing different payment options to your customers. Place Brite’s payment badge and logo where other payment methods are presented.


Below are examples of how to use Brite’s payment badge.

Payment badge white, recommended for dark-colored website background

download asset

Payment badge black, recommended for light-colored website background

download asset


Payment badge clear space

Use the following reference to keep sufficient, clean spacing around the payment badge to let it breathe and prevent legibility issues.

B. What is Brite

We have created a What is Brite? landing page to provide information on who we are and how Brite works. Link to this page or host the content on your website to provide useful information to first-time Brite users.

If you want to link to What is Brite? on Brite’s website:

  • English
  • Swedish
  • Finish
  • German

Where to use What is Brite?

You can place What is Brite? page in different sections of your website:

  • Support section/help center
  • Checkout – refer to checkout guidelines on page 10
  • After payment selection

Step 2

Tell your users about Brite: send a newsletter.

While selecting Brite you are creating value for your users: be sure to communicate it.

To boost acquisition right from the start, we suggest you send a dedicated newsletter within the first 60 days. We have already created everything you need to get started, please reach out to the Brite team to receive the assets.

Step 3

Finish strong: optimize your checkout with Brite

We have created specific guidelines to enable the highest impact for your business at checkout.

Follow them to both optimize your conversion and integrate Brite’s design standards. Depending on your checkout you can display Brite in the way that fits you best.

  1. Checkout with logo buttons
  2. Checkout with space for logo – long description
  3. Checkout with space for logo – short description
  4. Checkout with radio buttons – minimum space for logo
  5. Checkout with radio buttons – text only