Brite on native app or mobile

In this article, we will explore how to integrate Brite’s solution on native app or mobile web applications

Single sign

To enable the “remember me” feature you would need to support cross-session cookies in the

WebView. This will enable single sign flow in the client for returning users, i.e. returning users would only have to identify once with Bank Id.


Make sure to use the deeplink_redirect parameter in the api when creating the session. This parameter enables the end user to automatically redirect back to your application after bank id flow is completed. To make sure users are automatically send back to the Brite client, please supply the following values in the deeplink_redirect

  • The URL to your app (when using the Brite client in one of your apps)
  • The URL to the browser app (when using the Brite client in a mobile web browser)

The App URL would probably look something like: <myapp>:/// This url would need to be registered in your native app.


Native app whitelist

When developing a native app the native app must allow for 3rd party identification applications to be open automatically. 

These are:
Sweden:  BankID

Nordea: nordeamta:// 
Danske Bank: danskeid:// 
Handelsbanken: shb-digitalid://

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