Bank account management

This section covers the bank account management options within the Brite API. A bank account can be created via the Brite API to use for withdrawals in cases where the merchant already has all the necessary bank and customer details.

The customer bank account is automatically created in Brite during a deposit but in addition to this there are other ways to create the bank account. A customer bank account must exist when doing a direct transaction withdrawal but in addition to this the Brite client can be used for withdrawals where then the customer will authenticate in the client and select the bank account.

Hence, in Brite bank account can be created via:

Create a bank account

When creating a bank account, merchants will populate the bank account information via API and get a bank_account_id in return that can be used across the different API functions that Brite offers. If any bank account details need to be updated, use the bank_account.create call again with the same bank_account_id. Depending on the country and bank account type, different fields are required to create a bank account:
					// example request
    "holder_firstname": "string",  // required
    "holder_lastname": "string",  // required
    "holder_dob": "string",  // required
    "holder_address": {
        "city": "string",  // recommended
        "postal_code": "string",  // recommended
        "street_address": "string",  // recommended
        "country": "string"  // recommended
    "holder_company": "string",
    "country_id": "string",  // required
    "bank_id": "string",
    "bban": "string",  // required for SE and DK
    "iban": "string"  // required for all countries except SE and DK
Business account
For business accounts in Sweden holder_company, country_id and bban is required fields.
When creating a bank account that is going to be used for bankgiro, use the bban field to fill in the clearing number and the bankgiro number.

Get bank account by ID

Once a bank account has been created, the information can be fetched again by passing the returned bank_account_id to Brite.
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