Export functionality

The export to CSV API calls enable export of transactions, customers, KYC or sessions in CSV format from the Brite Backoffice. The response will contain a task_id, which can then be used to poll the status of the export job using the export task by id API call. The number of exported transactions is limited to 100,000 rows. Use the filters in Brite Backoffice to limit the exported data. All available filters are optional.

Export tasks

When requesting a generation of CSV files (e.g. transaction.csv_export) a task_id will be received as a response. You can then, using export_task.get and the task_id, regularly poll for the state of that task until it reaches the state COMPLETED. When the task is completed the response will contain an artifact_url under which the generated file is available. Generated files are available for 24 hours and then deleted.
Export task state values
State nameState Id
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