Integration guide

We always aim for the merchant to achieve the best possible integration with our system. To accomplish this, you need to complete the following steps:

Integrate your products

  1. Use the documentation in this section to integrate your desired products.
  2. Subscribe to our HTTP callbacks. Ensure you respond correctly and create logic to handle different callback flows. See HTTP Callbacks
  3. Develop logic to manage errors returned from the API. See Error codes
  4. Display the Brite Client on your checkout page. See Render the client

Present Brite on Your Site

Display Brite in the footer, product page, and checkout according to our Checkout guidelines.

Integration Tests

Test your integration using the test cases outlined here: Integration tests and verification and in the “Test Bank” which available in the Sandbox Client.

Go Live

Ensure you have completed all the necessary steps listed in Go-Live checklist before going live!