Brite Data Solutions

Unlocking the power of precise customer data, Brite Data Solutions is the ultimate ally for online businesses. Gain immediate access to crucial bank account details, ensuring seamless verification processes and financial evaluations. 

Whether you require account balances, transaction histories, or contact information, Brite Data Solutions provides comprehensive data tailored to your needs.

Brite Account Information Service

Brite’s AIS offers merchants the convenience of collecting bank account details directly through the Brite Client interface, enabling customers to authenticate and choose their preferred bank account securely. This eliminates the potential for errors that arise when customers manually input their IBAN.

The collected bank details are often paired with the Brite Instant Payout product, efficiently enhancing the transaction process.

Detailed product description here: Bank Account Selection


Complementing our product offering, we provide a standalone KYC  (Know Your Customer,) feature for collecting comprehensive customer information.

Customers initiate the process by authenticating through the Brite client interface, providing authentication data that can subsequently be utilized for a comprehensive KYC lookup. 

This KYC data serves a dual purpose: not only does it facilitate the automatic creation of customer accounts on the merchant website, but it is also integrated seamlessly into specific flows, such as the Brite Play flow. 

In the Brite Play scenario, during the deposit flow, a KYC lookup and customer account creation takes place, condensing deposit and account registration in one single, efficient flow.

Detailed product description here: KYC

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