Brite Instant Payouts

Experience seamless payment processing round-the-clock with our Instant Payouts system, 365 days a year. Our automated API integration, built on Open Banking standards and account-to-account (A2A) payments, streamlines transactions while enhancing security and accuracy by eliminating the need for manual user input.

Furthermore, our Time2Money feature offer customers clear timelines for fund arrivals, fostering trust and loyalty. Fast payouts contribute to improved customer retention and increased repeat business.

Seamless payouts are paramount to ensuring customer satisfaction. To this end, Brite offers two streamlined methods for payouts, ensuring funds reach the end user instantly.
Whether you prefer the convenience of the user-friendly Brite client interface or the flexibility of programmatically initiating withdrawals through our API integration, we prioritize frictionless transactions. 

Payouts via the Brite Client

The Brite client provides a customizable platform to tailor the payout flow according to your preferred user experience. Users can choose their bank, undergo authentication, and then select one of their accounts. Alternatively, the Brite client can also be customize to allow the user to manually enter their account number.

Closed Loop Features

The Brite client also supports advanced features such as closed-loop payouts. These features streamline the payout process, offering flexibility and security to both merchants and users.

Payouts via the API

Complementing the Brite client interface, Brite also provides a dedicated API solution for payouts.  The API method facilitates server-to-server communication to instruct a payout seamlessly. This enables efficient and automated transfer of funds to designated accounts without user intervention. 

Detailed product description here: Integrate Instant Payouts

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