Brite Instant Payments

Brite Instant Payments is a cutting-edge payment method built with a conversion-first approach. It seamlessly authenticates users, collects account details, and transfers funds instantly. With top-of-mind information, users can make payments without the hassle of downloads or registrations. Built on the latest technology and Open Banking standards, Brite Instant Payments ensures lightning-fast transactions and top-notch security. This method is not only efficient but also cost-effective compared to traditional payment methods. 

Brite Play

By combining the Instant Payment product with the AIS and KYC features, we introduce the Brite Play product.  Brite Play offers a comprehensive solution for digital payments, combining deposits and withdrawals, along with automatic account registration featuring KYC (Know Your Customer) verification. 

Specifically designed for online gaming, Play allows users to deposit funds instantly while giving merchants immediate access to KYC information essential for account registration.  Automatic account creation eliminates the need for lengthy manual registration forms and provides a seamless experience for users.

In the pure Play setup, Brite Play is the only method for users to sign up, deposit, log in, and withdraw funds.

Detailed product descriptions here: Integrate Instant Payments and Integrate Brite Play

Brite Blended

With Brite Blended, merchants can combine Brite Play with Instant Payments/Payouts, while providing alternative payment methods after users have logged in through Play. 

Regardless of existing payment methods on your site, implementing Brite’s offering on top adds convenience and efficiency. The Brite Play feature enables seamless deposit and account creation within the same flow, serving as a quick deposit and registration flow alternative.  Additionally, implementing Instant Payouts closes the loop, making it easy for customers to withdraw funds. 

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